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Home / News / In My View: Sarah Williams
Home / News / In My View: Sarah Williams

In My View: Sarah Williams

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Published 09:16 on 9 Dec 2021

This is my first piece for the Observer. I was thinking about what idea I could offer to the business community of Chichester to get the collective brains whirring......then I stumbled on a quote from Jack Welch, recognised as one of the great business thought leaders of his generation "Someone, somewhere has a better idea." ~ Jack Welch.

This sparked a train of thought around how many incredible ideas and innovations there are every hour of the day amongst our terrific companies, colleges, charities and organisations that don't get a chance to come to life through lack of sharing and collaboration. INCREASING COLLABORATION BETWEEN BUSINESSES AND ORGANISATIONS IS A MAJOR COMPETITIVE TOOL... Yet still too few organisations collaborate. Why? The old clich├ęs "a problem shared is a problem halved and two heads are better than one" spring to mind. We would all generally agree with these statements so what is stopping us embracing this stance more in our day to day business, commercial and professional outlook?

In my view, greater collaboration with other companies, businesses, colleges could begin to make a real difference to the relative innovative capacity of Chichester businesses.

In my experience working, with local businesses and organisations, what they all have in common is that they hunger to develop greater opportunities. Business leaders are behaving differently, since the pandemic, regarding innovation, realising that traditional thinking of first creating a product and then continuing to develop it is no longer enough.because someone, somewhere has already had that idea, and a better one at that!

Instead creative leaders are reaching out across their network, across sectors and are sharing to, collaborate and innovate. So here is my challenge, thrown out to the Chichester business, community Reach out more. Create innovation conversations, no matter who you are with, whether it's a colleague, supplier, customer..even a competitor! Get collaborating and create that next great product or service with the help of those around you. Come on, I have met quite e few of you through the CCI and I know you are not shy. If you need a catalyst come along to one of the Chamber events. Get innovating!

Author: Sarah Williams, Business Growth Specialist: ActionCOACH; Director of the Chichester Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Published in the Chichester Observer October 2021

Last updated 13:42 on 11 May 2022

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