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‘The Young Persons Chamber is for young entrepreneurs, introducing members to a large network. Meet, learn and grow together in an informal atmosphere’

The Young Persons Chichester Chamber (YPCC) is building a network of young business owners around the Chichester district. As a sub-organisation of the Chichester Chamber of Commerce we have several key objectives:

1. To build a vibrant network of local business owners who network, share ideas and further the local business community.

2. Monthly meetings to develop, network, gain valuable skills and share ideas
- Guest speakers
- Events which include going to local businesses and studying there operational activities
- Networking with both young entrepreneurs and the more established business owners.
- Your say! You can also choose what you would like the meetings to involve

3. Connecting with successful businesses to understanding how they’ve become successful

4. To provide you with the support and backing your business needs

5. Mentors committed to help you and your business succeed

6. To integrate younger members into the Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industry, bridging the gap between the more mature and the young.

7. To make a positive economic impact on the local community by providing young business owners with a great network of influential people.

By becoming a member of the Young Persons Chamber you will also receive all the benefits of the full Chichester Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

Please look out for our events and monthly meetings, if you would like to pop along and see how we operate PLEASE DO!

We are now LIVE! We are looking forward to working with you and developing your businesses.

The age range is between 17 - 25 years old.

Get in touch to talk more by emailing office@chichestercci.org.uk

Kind regards,
Christopher Foster (Chairman)
Young Persons Chichester Chamber

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